June 22, 2022

Texas Butter


This new capsule, consisting of a pair of Flin sneakers, two zip-up hoodies, a sweatshirt and a T-shirt, is inspired by the dichotomous atmosphere where desert and vegetation meet.  

For this collection, the Texas Butter Flin sneakers in premium leather combine different shades of beige and grey with abstract motifs. They also feature the brand's signature logo on the quarter panel, while the beige sole features the Flower Instincts signature design on the heel.

The two hoodies are available in beige or green and zip up at the top. They feature the revisited blue or beige branding embroidered on the torso, as well as the famous logo. They have a slightly cropped but relaxed fit and are made from high quality cotton.

There's also a basic white T-shirt with a crew neck and the logo printed on the back. The collection is rounded off by a pair of black jogging bottoms with a loose, comfortable fit and two back pockets.