october 23, 2022

Black Ash


Flower Instincts hits hard with a striking edition of its famous Flin sneakers in all black, called "Black Ash", a reference to the brand's very underground universe. The very essence of the Flower Instincts brand is born from this spirit of overturning codes and establishing an undeniable vision.

Their vision with this collection is to convey a counter-cultural authenticity, that of putting streetwear back where it belongs, where it came from.

Unlike previous collections, this sneaker is composed of a play of materials that mixes leather and suede, allowing the different elements to take their rightful place. A black hiking jacket accompanies this visually unique yet minimalist pair.

Basics such as black tracksuit bottoms and an oversized black tee will be offered at this drop. The Flower Instincts signature is subtly applied to the various.