July 08, 2023

Flower Instincts ✗ Rebecca Maria 

ADDICTION #13 : the money

Flower Instincts presents its Bretton Woods collection in collaboration with New Jersey artist Rebecca Maria.

As with every creation, the brand wants to denounce an addiction. In the case of the Bretton Woods collection, it is the addiction to money.

To illustrate this, Flower Instincts chose two iconic film posters: Scarface and Blow. The two main characters in these films rise to the top through their love of money, but eventually lose their way, leading to a rapid and brutal fall.

These two film posters will be represented by two unique paintings by the talented Rebecca Maria. Each piece will be reproduced on a tee a sweatshirt and on the SDT sneaker box. All pieces in this collection are designed and created using premium materials, such as the Italian suede found on the Bretton Woods SDT sneakers.

The result of a collaboration between two different worlds united by a love of art.