august 03, 2022

Flower Loops


As the name suggests, the Flower Loops collection is a reference to the world-famous Fruits Loops cereal brand.

Like a box of Fruits Loops, the Flower instincts collection is very colorful.

The Flower Loops collection includes two pairs of Flin sneakers, one blue and one pink, 100% made in Europe. Both pairs are made of premium leather and suede. 

Flowers instincts stands out for its originality, like the trucker jacket where you can change the color of the patch on the back. A white tee flocked with flower loops completes the collection.

But why choose this universe?

Flowers Instincts aims to denounce addictions, and here the brand has chosen to denounce the addiction to sugar, which is present from a very young age. This clearly explains the choice of a cereal brand.

Especially when you know that a feeling of anxiety or even depression sets in when you can't eat sugar.

There's nothing like that in a box of Flower Loops, just an original, high-quality creation.

So tell us: Do you put the milk before of after the cereals ?