September 28, 2023

Flower Instincts ✗ Maison Guava Paris 


Flower Instincts and Maison Guava have teamed up to create an exciting capsule collection for Paris Fashion Week 2023. 

Flower Instincts aims to create collections that highlight creativity, while sending a strong message.

Inspired by the nickname 'the poet's drug', often associated with opium, Flower Instincts has created this collaboration.

We transformed Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors' famous 'Manstroplantes' into a carnivorous opium, symbolizing the drug's destructive and all-consuming nature. 

By using this imagery, Flower Instincts hopes to raise awareness of the devastating effects of opium.

The capsule collection includes a pair of SDT sneakers and an exclusive Tee. These pieces not only demonstrate Flower Instincts' attention to detail, but also serve as a visual representation of the collaboration's message.