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All our packages are shipped via UPS.

Shipping costs for all orders placed in Metropolitan France are fixed and indicated by the Seller in the form filled out at the time of the order.

The Seller undertakes to process the order within sixty days from the day following the validation of the Order, unless otherwise indicated. The times indicated are average times and correspond to the time required to process, prepare and ship the order (ex-warehouse). Additional processing times may apply for pre-orders.

They run from the validation of the order.

All products are shipped with UPS express service.

Once your order is confirmed, you will receive a tracking number.

Delivery in 2 to 5 days in Europe.

Delivery in 5 to 7 days worldwide


SAS MB 57 registered with the RCS of Metz under the number 901 683 250, having its registered office 23 rue de Sarre 57070 Metz, independent franchisee of the MAIL BOXES network.

Article 1. Scope of application.

1(1) These General Terms and Conditions of Forwarding (GTC) apply to all forwarding contracts concluded between a customer (natural person or legal entity, acting for private or professional purposes) (hereinafter "the customer") on the one hand, and SAS MB 57, which operates the MBE Center (hereinafter "the MBE Center") located at 23 rue de Sarre 57070 Metz as an independent franchisee of the MBE network on the other hand.

For the purposes of this agreement, any subscription to a shipping service for goods and merchandise with the MBE Center shall be considered as a shipping contract, with SAS MB 57 acting as a shipping agent for these services and not being responsible for the execution of the transport and its participants.
The shipping contract may be accompanied by the provision of one or more additional services as defined in Article 4 of the GCE.

These GTC are not applicable to services other than shipment, nor to purchases of goods from the MBE Center not related to a shipment contract, which are governed by the MBE Center's General Conditions of Sale.

1(2) The shipment contract shall also include the completed shipment note, the MBE Center's price lists, the related forms, estimates and invoices, and the General Terms and Conditions of Transportation of the MBE Center's partner transportation company chosen by the customer to perform the shipment.

1(3) No waiver of these GTCs or the shipping contract shall be permitted unless expressly agreed to in writing by the MBE Center.
Any deviation from the General Conditions of Carriage of the MBE Center's transportation partner must be agreed to in writing by the transportation partner.
1(4) The GTC shall supersede any document issued by the Customer that deviates from the GTC.

Article 2. Execution of the shipment contract.

2(1) The transportation of goods from the customer to the consignee is carried out by the MBE Center's partner transport company mentioned on the consignment note chosen by the customer. Consequently, any shipping contract implies the customer's adherence to the General Terms and Conditions of Transport of the MBE Center's partner transport company, which the customer declares to be familiar with as they were given to him prior to the signing of the shipping bill.

2(2) SAS MB 57 is not responsible to the customer for the execution of the transport and is not liable for the actions of the MBE Center's partner transport company and/or its substitutes.

2(3) Obligations of the customer.

2(3)(1) Packaging - Labeling.

If the customer does not subscribe to the additional packaging service referred to in Article 4.1 of these GTC, it shall be obliged to package, pack and affix marks or countermarks in such a way that the goods can withstand transport and/or storage under normal conditions as well as the successive handling involved in the transport.
The packaging and wrapping must not constitute a cause of danger for the driving or handling personnel, the environment, the safety of the transport equipment, the other goods transported or stored, the vehicles or third parties.

The customer shall furthermore be obliged to affix to each package, object or load carrier a clear label enabling immediate and unequivocal identification of the sender, the recipient, the place of delivery and the nature of the goods.

The customer shall be liable for all consequences of missing, insufficient or defective packaging, wrapping, marking or labelling, as well as for failure to provide information and declarations on the nature and characteristics of the goods.

The customer expressly undertakes not to hand over to the MBE Center any goods or property that do not meet the conditions of acceptance laid down in the General Terms and Conditions of Transport of the MBE Center's partner transport company chosen by the customer.

In the event that the customer hands over goods and/or merchandise to the MBE Center that contravene the conditions imposed by the MBE Center's partner transport company, the customer alone shall bear the consequences without recourse against SAS MB 57.

The works of art will only be accepted for shipment on the condition that the customer takes out a specific insurance policy including a waiver by the insurer of any recourse against SAS MB 57 and/or the MBE Center's partner transport company.

The MBE Center does not take any special measures to protect perishable goods from the effects of heat or cold.
Perishable goods are shipped at the sole risk of the customer under the same conditions as other goods, the MBE Center reserving the right to destroy the damaged goods at the expense and risk of the customer.

Article 3. Customs clearance.

The MBE Center is authorized to proceed with customs clearance operations on behalf of the customer or to entrust them to a third party such as the MBE Center's partner transport company.

However, compliance with customs regulations is the sole responsibility of the customer.

The Customer shall reimburse the MBE Center upon request for costs, taxes and fees resulting from customs clearance or shall pay, upon first request, a deposit in an amount sufficient to cover the MBE Center for any sums it may be required to advance in order to complete its operations. 

Section 4. Additional Services.

4(1) Packing service.

The customer may obtain the packing service offered by the MBE Center, subject to payment of the price indicated on the packing slip.

In case of goods requiring special packaging precautions for their transport, the customer shall inform the MBE Center in writing. The MBE Center shall not be held responsible if the specificities of the goods have not been mentioned on the packing slip.

4(2) Cash on delivery.

If "cash on delivery" is stipulated, the service will be handled under the terms and conditions of the MBE Center's partner transportation company for which the MBE Center is not responsible.

4(3) Insurance.

Customer may purchase insurance directly from the MBE Center's transportation partner selected by Customer to perform the transportation. The General Insurance Conditions of the transport company are part of the General Conditions of Transport of the MBE Center's partner company chosen for the transport, which are given to the customer prior to the signature of the consignment note. These conditions specify in particular the scope of the insurance taken out, the conditions of its implementation as well as its possible limitations.

Article 5. Delivery time.

The customer chooses the delivery time according to the following options:
- Standard: delivery within 1 to 5 days following the day of pick-up,
- Express: delivery within 2 to 7 days following the day of collection.
The delivery times indicated are in working days and are given as an indication. The MBE Center assumes no responsibility for delays in delivery by the MBE Center's partner transport company chosen by the customer to carry out the transport.

Article 6. Liability.

The MBE Center shall not be liable for any loss, damage or delay caused by the MBE Center's partner transportation company chosen by the Customer.
In the event that the MBE Center's liability is incurred for any reason whatsoever, it is strictly limited to the amount of the declared value of the shipment or, in the absence of a declaration of value, to the sum of €5.00 per kilogram, including tax, up to a maximum of €55.00 including tax. In no case the responsibility of the MBE Center can exceed these amounts.

Article 7. Terms of payment.

All orders for shipping services and additional services are payable by the customer to the MBE Center on the day the contract is signed, by the means of payment indicated on the shipping order form.
If payment terms are granted, they may not exceed 30 days from the date of issue of the invoice for all services performed by the MBE Center.

In the event of failure to pay on the due date, the customer will be liable to pay a late payment penalty equal to the interest rate set at three times the legal interest rate and a fixed indemnity for collection costs of €40.00.
When the recovery costs are higher than the amount of this fixed compensation, the MBE Center can ask for an additional compensation on justification.

Article 8. Contractual lien.

The MBE Center has a conventional right of lien with a general and permanent preferential right of retention on all goods and merchandise entrusted to it, as a guarantee for the payment of all sums due to it by the customer.

Article 9. Limitation period.

All liability actions arising from the execution of services performed by the MBE Center are subject to a limitation period of one year as from the execution of the disputed service and as regards duties and taxes recovered a posteriori as from the notification of the adjustment.

Article 10. Personal data.

Your personal data will be processed in compliance with the applicable regulations on the protection of personal data (arising in particular from the European Regulation 2016/679 on the Protection of Personal Data which came into force on 25 May 2018).

The information relating to the processing of your personal data is detailed in the document entitled ''Privacy Statement and Request for Consent to Process Personal Data'' - attached to these GCEs and to be completed and signed by you.

Article 11. Jurisdiction clause.

In the event of a dispute or contestation, only the Commercial Court of Metz shall have jurisdiction, even in the event of multiple defendants or the introduction of third parties.

Article 12. Final provisions.

French law governs all legal relations between the customer and the MBE Center.
If one of the provisions of the present GCE should be considered null and void or inapplicable for any reason whatsoever, the other provisions of the GCE will remain valid.

Article 13. Complaint and Mediation.

If you are not satisfied with the response to your complaint within 21 days of the date you submit it, you may refer the matter to the Franchisee-Consumer Mediation Commission (MFC), whose contact details are as follows Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

Médiation Franchise-Consommateurs
29 Boulevard de Courcelles
75008 PARIS