Flower Instincts is an independent streetwear brand specialized in sneakers.

Behind each sneaker is a unique concept based on a flower. As you can see, Flower Instincts is a bouquet made of many varieties.

Beyond creating a unique pair of shoes, we want to change mentalities about manufacturing methods, respect for human values and the environment.

For this reason, our products are made in workshops located in Portugal in slow fashion. Since its inception, we have combined through each model, culture, quality and originality.

Our commitment is to offer you a unique pair, created by professionals while respecting the environment.

Respect for human values

Knowledge sneakers Flower Instincts

    We want to produce less but in a more thoughtful way. Pre-ordering allows us to create a product specific to each one.

    Thanks to our short circuit, pre-sales are ultra fast. Indeed, for many brands, pre-sales usually have a waiting period ranging from 3 to 8 months.

    We commit ourselves, following an agreement with our craftsmen, to create your articles in only 6 to 10 weeks.

designed & developed to be recycled


    We cut out the middlemen to focus on the essentials. Lower prices for our customers and fairer prices for our artisans.

    Most brands are forced to offer high prices because of the many middlemen between the brand and their producers.

    We regularly visit the production workshops to ensure the quality of each product. Our packaging has been designed and developed to be recycled. Made of recycled cardboard, with a simple and minimalist design that reflects the image of the brand pure and innovative.



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